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925 Sterling Silver
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925 Sterling Silver

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A Guide to Buying 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Once a jewelry metal that was only for the wealthy and well-connected, Silver Jewelry is timeless, and the use of sterling Silver adds to the beauty and durability of this precious metal. Now Silver has become accessible, and so has it gained popularity as a precious piece of jewelry among men and women equally. Sterling silver jewelry has become a trend today because of its easy-to-maintain attributes and can be customized as per one's preference. And the most important part is- affordability.

Silver is a metal that is quite affordable and gives a royal vibe to the designs. But before you think about buying any Silver jewelry, make sure to focus on the most vital factor- it's quality. Not sure how to find out where the silver accessories or jewelry that you are buying are of the best quality? Well, if you are not sure, then here are a few things to focus on before purchasing jewelry made of Silver:

Pure Silver, Silver-Plated Silver, and 925 Silver Jewelry: What is the difference?

While buying silver jewelry, you may have heard about Pure Silver, Silver Plated Silver, and 925 Silver Jewelry options. Is there any difference between these? Well, the answer is that there is a difference in purity and other attributes of the Silver metal here.

Pure Silver:

The percentage of Silver, 99.9%, is known as pure Silver, it is gentle and soft, which makes it easy to dent, and it's difficult to design jewelry.


Silver-plated jewelry is a thin layer of Silver that is added to the base of brass or copper metal.

925 Silver Jewelry:

The percentage of Silver, with 92.5%, is Sterling Silver which is best for making jewelry in any design and shape, is delicate and is easy to buy.

Factors to keep in Mind while Purchasing Silver Jewelry:

If you are planning to buy 925 Sterling Silver ornaments, then here are a few things to make sure you are getting pure Silver:

Hallmark on Silver Jewelry:

You may have only heard about the hallmark on Gold metal as proof that the metal is pure. Similarly, 925 silver jewelry can also be bought with a hallmark on it to confirm that the Silver that you have bought is pure. So, go for jewelry with a hallmark on it.

Real-time value of Silver:

Just like gold, silver prices too fluctuate daily, and that is why while buying silver jewelry, make sure to check the real-time Value of Silver to pay the right amount for the jewelry.

Return policy: A must

Often suppliers and manufacturers of silver sell jewelry online, which is a great option if you want to save time and get a plethora of choices to choose from. But before you buy any, make sure that you get a fair buyback policy with return conditions that pay the reasonable price of selling old jewelry.

A Test to Find Out the Purity of Your Silver Jewelry:

If you are planning to buy 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and are not sure how to find out its purity, then you can test it out without causing any damage to the metal. Silver is a met that is not magnetic; you can use a magnet to test the purity of metal since pure Silver won't draw to it, while impure Silver will be drawn to the magnet.

Take a Professional Opinion:

If you are still not sure about the purity of the Silver jewelry that you have bought, then you can always ask an appraiser for an opinion from an expert to help you out in figuring out the purity of your jewelry.

Invest in Jewelry of Eternity- 925 Silver Jewelry

925 Sterling Silver is a metal that compliments every skin tone and elevates one's look. It is indeed a metal worth investing in. The best attribute of Silver is that it is easy to maintain and is a metal that is durable and timeless, making it a perfect souvenir jewelry that one can pass down to the generations. While buying Silver, make why it is from a manufacturer that is reputed and offers quality products.

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