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Yellow Jasper & Lemon Quartz Gemstone Brass Necklace
Rose Quartz & Smoky Hydro Brass Necklace
Rainbow Moonstone 9x7mm Gold Plated 24 inch Long Chain Necklace
Pink Tourmaline hydro & White King Brass Necklace
Pearl Multi Gemstone Hydro Brass Jewelry Set 3 Pcs
Noreena Jasper Gemstone Layer Chain Brass Necklace
Noreena jasper Gemstone Gold Plated Brass Necklace
Noreena jasper Gemstone Designer Brass Necklace
Noreen Jasper & Rose Quartz Gemstone Gold Plated Brass Necklace
Natural Turquoise Bezel Set Pendant Brass Necklace
Natural Labradorite With CZ Designer Ring
Natural Labradorite & Purple Fluorite Gemstone Brass Necklace
Lapis Lazuli & Rose Quartz Gemstone Brass Necklace
Green Aventurine & Rose Quartz Gemstone Gold Plated Brass Necklace
Fuchsia Chalcedony & Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Brass Necklace
Arrow Onyx 44x23mm Gold Electroplated Designer Pendant
Aquamarine Hydro Square Gold Ring
Aqua Crackle Floral Gold Plated Brass Ring
Apatite Hydro Oval Designer Brass Long Chain Necklace
Zircon Gemstone Gold Plated Bezel Set Ring
Zebra Jasper Gemstone Gold Plated 20 inch Long Chain Necklace
Zabana White Druzy Trillion Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana White Druzy Square Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana White Druzy Round Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana White Druzy Pear Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana White Druzy Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana Purple Druzy Trillion Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana Purple Druzy Round Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana Purple Druzy Pear Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana Pink Druzy Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana Pink Druzy Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
Zabana Pink Druzy Electroplated Gold Studs Earring
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What you need to know about Jewellery made of brass?

Brass is a metal alloy that combines copper and zinc. Copper makes up about 66% of brass, zinc 34%, and a small amount of a few other metals, like aluminium, make brass stronger and more corrosion-resistant. Brass Jewelry Manufacturer In India Brass has been used to make decorations for a long time because it looks like shiny gold. Because of this, it has been used to make jewellery since the beginning of time. ...

You should know the following about it:

How long brass lasts:

Brass is known to be strong and last a long time. But it is also very easy to shape, which makes it perfect for making jewellery with intricate designs. It is not a soft metal, so it doesn't break easily. Instead, when it's put under stress, it tends to stretch. Brass Ring can last long as long as it is taken care of.

Brass doesn't rust and doesn't break down easily. According to Brass Jewelry Supplier In India, however, it gets a patina, or a greenish layer, as time passes. This is because the alloy has a lot of copper in it.

How to Keep Brass from Rusting:

Brass Bracelet loses their shine and golden gleam as time goes on. Some people like the way the tarnished piece looks, but others like the way brass shines. Brass Wholesale jewelry can be sealed or lacquered to keep it from getting rusty.

This is done by putting a clear coating on the brass jewellery, which keeps it from rusting when exposed to air and water. This will also keep the brass from giving you green skin; you can buy Brass jewelry online.

Brass and Green Skin:

The copper in brass can sometimes make your skin turn green if you wear it. This happens because the metal oxidises and reacts with your sweat to make copper chelates.Your skin turns green because it can't take in all of the extra copper.

But having green skin from Brass jewelry is neither dangerous nor permanent. Just use soap and water to get rid of the green stains. You can have your Brass Earring lacquered, so it doesn't turn green. You can also do this yourself by painting the part of the brass jewellery that touches your skin with clear nail polish. This will make a barrier that will stop stains from sticking to your skin.

Benefits of Brass for Health:

Because copper and zinc are important minerals for the body, some people think that wearing brass jewellery or eating and drinking with brass utensils can improve health and help prevent copper and zinc deficiency.

Some people believe Brass Jewelry Manufacturer provide wearing brass, which helps with rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, and joint pain. Even though these aren't proven by science, wearing brass jewellery can benefit your health. But if your Brass Cufflinks are lacquered, you won't feel these effects because the metal has to touch the skin to work.

How to Clean and Care for Brass:

Brass starts to tarnish when it oxidises and gets old. India Brass jewelry manufacturer said to use a cleaner with acidic ingredients, like lemon, tomato, or vinegar, to clean tarnished brass at home and bring back its shine. There are many easy ways to clean Brass Bangle at home that are effective and quick.

Brass is easily scratched, so when you clean it, use a soft brush or cloth instead of a rough one. Brass loses its shine when dirt and grime build-up, so occasionally wash your Brass Chain with warm water and soap to keep it shining. Polish the brass with a polishing cloth to keep its shine.

Jewellery made of brass:

Jewellery designers often use brass because it is soft and strong at the same time. Brass has gorgeous warm colours that range from yellow to dull gold. Brass Necklace is often used to make large statement pieces that look stunning. But you can also find brass in designs that are simple and small. Brass can make rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, and studs.

They don't have a gender, so men and women can wear them. Brass stud earrings are great for everyday wear, while fancy dangle earrings immediately make any outfit look fancier. Brass Pendant is also used with other metals to make something different. Brass looks interesting and beautiful when it is paired with silver or copper.


So you went out to buy some new jewellery, but you chose pieces made of cheap base metals because you needed more money. You read online about Brass Jewelry Set and its affordability and asked a jeweller if they had any. They tried to talk you out before you could finish your sentence.