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 Silver rings are composed of 92.5 % of pure silver and the rest 7.5% is copper, alloy, zinc and other metals. The metals used for silver rings make them stronger and more durable.

Natural Amethyst Antique Designer Dual Tone Ring
Natural Amethyst Gemstone Antique Designer Mans Ring
Chinese White Coral Rose Carving Designer Ring
Natural Green Onyx Antique Designer Women Bohemian Ring
Natural Lemon Quartz Gemstone Mans Ring
Carnelian With Red Onyx Shade Mans Huge Ring
 Natural Black Onyx Designer Mans Huge Rings
Natural Amethyst Dainty Women Statement Rings
Green Tourmaline Hydro Designer Unisex Ring
Smoky Quartz Gemstone Designer Mans Ring
Natural Lemon Quartz Dual Tone Antique Designer Ring
Natural Prehnite Gemstone Designer Mans Signet Ring
Natural Black Cats's Eye Silver Mans Huge Ring
Natural Amethyst Dual Tone Antique Designer Ring
Natural Lemon Quartz Dual Tone Twisted Wire Rings
Black Onyx Silver Designer Band Rings
Blue Fire Labradorite Gemstone Huge Ring
 Natural Black Onyx Oval Cabochon Rings
Natural Black Onyx Gemstone Silver Ring
Natural Black Onyx Silver Huge Rings

Natural Black Onyx Silver Huge Rings

$43.00 $54.00 20% Off

Natural Amethyst Indian Handmade Dual Tone Wedding Ring
Blue Fire Rainbow Moonstone Huge Ring
Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone Bohemian Classy Ring
Natural Amethyst Silver Rings

Natural Amethyst Silver Rings

$37.20 $46.50 20% Off

Natural Lemon Quartz Woman Dual Tone Ring
Natural Botswana Agate Gemstone Mans Ring
Synthetic Turquoise Gemstone Adjustable Ring
Multi Gemstone Designer Dainty Woman Rings
Natural Dominican Pectolite Larimar Woman Designer Ring
 Natural Larimar Gemstone Designer Marquise Cabochon Rings
Natural Blue Fire Rainbow Moonstone High Polished Ring
Natural Blue Turquoise Designer Band Unisex Ring
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