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Temple Jewellery
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Temple Jewellery

Women Art Painting Silver Single Loop Pendant
Women Art Painting Silver Pendant

Women Art Painting Silver Pendant

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Tibetan Thangka Namgyalma Buddhist Art Silver Hand Painted Pendant
Solid Silver Hindu Goddess Dhana Lakshmi Mata Hand Painted Pendant
Solid Silver Goddess Mahashakti Kali Mata Hand Painting Pendant
Solid Silver Ganesha Lord of Good Fortune Miniature Art Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver Hindu Goddess Maa Kali Hand Painting Pendant
Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji Miniature Art Hand Painting Pendant
Shri Nath Ji  Solid 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant
Shiva Shakti Ardhnarishwar 925 Silver Hand Painted Charm Pendant
Royal Mughal Queen 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Painting Pendant
Radha Krishna Solid 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant
Radha Krishna Solid 925 Sterling Silver Handemade Painting Pendant
Radha Krishna Solid 925 Silver Handmade Painting Eight Loop Connector
Radha krishna Solid 925 Silver Hand Painted Double Loop Connector
Radha Krishna Love Couple 925 Silver Hindu Deity Hand Painted Pendant
Radha Krishna Divine Love Hand Painted Silver Casual Wear Pendant
OM Spiritual Symbol Hindu Religious Hand Painted Pendant
OM Pendant Solid 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Boho Jewelry
Mughal Emperor Riding Elephant Hand Painted Silver Eight Loop Connector
Miniature Solid 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Painting Pendant
Miniature Art Sikh Icon Khalsa E Khanda Silver Hand Painting Pendant
Miniature Art Lord Shiva 925 Silve Handcrafted Painting Pendant
Miniature Art Hindu Goddess Durga Mata Hand Painting Silver Pendant
Miniature Art Hindu God Shree Nath Ji Silver Hand Painting Pendant
Meditating Lord Buddha Miniature Art Hand Painting Silver Pendant
Maa Laxmi Goddess Painting Solid 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Lovely Couple Radha Krishna Miniature Art Handcrafted Silver Pendant
Lovely Couple Radha Krishna Hand Painted Silver Eight Loop Connector
Lord Sun Painting Handmade Adjustable Ring
Lord Shree Ganesha Miniature Hand Painted Twisted Wire Silver Pendant
Lord Shiva 925 Sterling Silver Twisted Wire Designer Bezel Set Pendant
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The Intricate and Regal Temple Jewellery

When we think about Temple Jewellery, we find ourselves returning to the vintage charm of grandmothers sporting the look with beautiful silk sarees and Jasmine flowers embracing their hair, making them look breathtaking and queenly. Just the existence of these beautiful pieces makes us feel nostalgic and heartwarming that you want to get one. Earlier worn by the Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam dancers, this jewellery has become a part of every South Indian Wardrobe. But what is the history of the origination of these captivating jewellery pieces?

Innovated in the 9th century, South Indian Temple Jewellery has been popular because of its minute detailing and intricate work, which is the essence of Indian craftsmanship. It is a part of our heritage and dates back to the era of Gods and goddesses, which is heavily inspired by the ancient portrait of their statues, which the artists have beautifully crafted on the ornaments with intricate figures. Now it has become a part of women's jewellery which they wear at traditional events to look elegant and regal.


Diverse Range of Metals used in Crafting Antique Temple Jewellery

south indian antique temple jewellery is an art that has been an integral part of Indian culture and has been passed on to the generations because of its fascinating aspects. Some of the most common types of metals that are used to make this beautiful and captivating jewellery are:

Brass Temple Jewellery:

Brass jewellery has its unique charm because of the golden Sheen that makes it look elegant, which is probably why Temple jewellery bridal set usually comes in this metal as it is easy to maintain and is also durable.

Gold Temple Jewellery:

Gold is undoubtedly the most beautiful metal that brings out the luxurious charm of Temple Jewellery. It has been a popular choice of metal for this type of jewellery since its origination.

Silver Temple Jewellery:

Another popular metal is silver metal, which has its charm because of its radiant glow that makes the design stand out, making it a popular choice among women because of its attractive look and ability to retain shine. The most tempting part is the silver temple jewellery with a price that makes it quite affordable than pricey metals such as Gold.

Artificial Temple Jewellery:

Another noteworthy piece of jewellery is artificial jewellery, which has gained a lot of popularity because these fashion Temple jewellery collections usually have beautiful pieces and are way more affordable than traditional metals and other metal counterparts.

A collection of Regal South Indian Temple Jewellery:

And embodiment of class and charm, South Indian Temple Jewellery draws attention because of its intricate designs and regal look. At Shilpi Impex, we bring to you the true essence of south Indian jewellery that you can adorn at any event. Our collection of jewellery includes a rich blend of contemporary and traditional designs that includes an array of necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelet, anklets, and many more. These collections of exquisite jewellery are a testament of our unparalleled craftsmanship that is passed down from generation to generation. With delicate details and superb craftsmanship, we take you to the era of magnificence. We just don’t craft jewellery. We craft culture and emotions in one of the finest materials while elaborating the features and design that are sure to take your breath away. So be ready to dazzle everyone with ravishing jewellery from us!

The Evergreen Charm and Pattern of Temple Jewellery Designs

The sacred art of making Gold, Silver, Brass or Pearl Temple Jewellery has ruled the South Indian states for centuries. It has been a proud part of the Jewellery collection since the time of Chola's and Pandya's and rules to do so in contemporary times. The reason why it has Surpassed the time is because of:

  • The captivating jewellery patterns usually contain figures of Lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi.
  • The necklaces and jewellery that are made from these designs are built in a refined form, making them a symbol of prosperity and wealth.
  • The jewellery now comes in different options and varieties, such as Kundan and Polka stones that are added to make it look more graceful.
  • This type of jewellery collection comes in different options such as multiple or single strands, long style patterns or necklace or chain patterns. These are usually thick to add to the regal effect of the jewellery.

Now in contemporary times, these jewellery pieces have become a symbol of antique and regal jewellery that brides or women often wear at traditional events. Bridal Temple Jewellery has become quite the rage among women looking for something unique to elevate their wardrobe. The jewellery collection was earlier made in Gold or silver, but imitation jewellery was also invented to give it a more cost-friendly alternative. The ethnic charm and elegance of the jewellery make it an essential item to add to their trousseau.

Buy from a Handpicked Collection of Temple Jewellery Online

Hunting for the Antique Temple Jewellery Set for Marriage or want to add rustic charm to your traditional outfit? Don't know where to get an authentic and well-crafted jewellery collection? Well, Shilpiimpex is here with a variety of simple and heavy jewellery that gives a plethora of options to choose from while selecting a jewellery piece that adds class to your Jewellery box. These beautifully crafted necklaces, pendants, chains, rings, etc., are perfect for heavy jewellery pieces for your special day. Vintage jewellery will surely add a firm definition and character to your look.

Affordable and Breathtaking Temple Jewellery

The best part of our collection is that we offer Temple Jewellery sets for marriage with Price, which is unbeatable as we believe in providing your best jewellery pieces and don't break the bank. We have some of the best collections of traditional elements with a twist of the modern era to make you the centre of attention at any event. So if you are looking for something to enhance your traditional game going, then you know we are the one you are looking for.

We offer a diverse range of jewellery collections. Whether you are looking for a mango necklace set, pendants necklace set, coin haar set, temple necklace choker, temple chains, temple layer set, or any other design you are looking for, we have it all for you. Our collection has one of the most queenly and regal pieces for you to adore making them a great jewellery souvenir to pass down to the generations.

So if you are looking for a temple jewellery collection that showcases grace, we are here with you with the best group you could ever imagine. Get in touch with us, and we will help you out in selecting the best fit for your special day!